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Handcrafting - Hypnos is the only truly handcrafted mattress.

Genuine Side Stitching: The borders of Hypnos mattress are expertly sewn through the sides to the coil system. This is a very time consuming process but the end results are well worth while. This procedure makes a Hypnos mattress the most structurally

sound mattress available in Switzerland.

Hand Tufting: Unlike other tufted looking mattresses in Canada, Hypnos tufts go through the entire body of the mattress. This means the tuft you see on the top is connected to the one on the bottom. Adding another layer of structural integrity and

helping the natural fills stay in place.

Matching Fabric Trim: Most mattresses use a very hard pre-fabricated tape edge to give a finish to the corner. Hypnos uses the same fabric as the body of the bed. This means a very soft and luxurious finish even to the edges.

Pure Brass: many other companies put brass coated finishes on their products so they will look elegant. Only Hypnos uses solid brass plates and vents for strength and longevity of life.

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Natural Fill - Hypnos uses only the finest of natural fills

Cotton and Wool are strategically placed and combined for complete climate control.

Warmth in the winter and cool in the summer.

Silk and Wool let you feel like you are floating on a cloud, most say a feeling like you have never had with a mattress.

Teased White Hair and Cashmere is a unique blend of Cattle, Hog tail and Cashmere that is designed to keep its shape even after many years of service. This blend of hair is heat treated to be completely clean, then bonded to give the long life shape retention.

Belgium Damask is not only luxurious looking but the one of the most tightly woven upholstery materials available to the bedding industry and is custom made just for Hypnos.

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Body Support - Unique pocket coil design for true complete body support

Coil Counts: most pocket coil systems in Canada have about 500 to 800 coils in a queen size mattress. Hypnos starts over 1,000 coils and goes to over 2,000 individual pocket coils. Some other companies claim coil counts of this amount, however they typically stack coils on top of coils to accomplish this. Hypnos only uses individually

wrapped full height coil for complete and perfect body forming support.

Honey Combing: Hypnos is one of the few companies that honeycomb (nest) their pocket coils together virtually eliminating the gaps between coils. This give you maximum body support no matter how you lay or how small an area you need supported.

Centre Tying: most coil manufactures connect their pocket coils together at the top in one form or another. Even the coil is still independent as one coil moves it moves the one beside it. Hypnos runs treads through the middle of its coil system allowing the tops to totally work independently of each other, again giving you perfect body support for every little curve.