HYPNOS Switzerland in Zürich


CAUTION: Don’t buy a Hypnos Bed directly from UK, from Online Seller/Shops and Phone Seller

which has no Showroom in Switzerland. We are the only officially general reseller and importer

from Hypnos™ in Switzerland . We will not assume any warranty or liablity for these purchases.


HYPNOS Switzerland in Zürich - FULL SERVICE and PRICES

• Offers the best prices for Hypnos™ anywhere in Switzerland

• Will supply your Hypnos™ everywhere in Switzerland
• the first and is the only general supplier of Hypnos™ beds in Switzerland
• Is the natural home of Hypnos Beds in Switzerland
• Delivers direct into your bedroom in Switzerland incl. old bed or mattress fully recycled in Switzerland
• Drivers will unwrap, assemble and position your new Hypnos™ bed and take away the packaging
• Can supply matching bedroom accessories (e.g storage boxes, pillow-cases, cushions, curtains)
• Can have your Hypnos™ bed and headboard made in other fabrics and colours
• Honours the Hypnos™ ten years’ UK guarantee

• No extracost for delivery, unwrap, assemble and recycling

• all prices are in Swiss Francs, incl. 8% TVA